Applicant/ Administration Requirements:

All applicants are required to have a high school diploma, a GED or its equivalent to attend this program. The program requires proof in the form of an official transcript from the high school that was attended.

The student will be considered based on their ability to benefit from the program and based on their ability to perform the duties of a dental assisting position. A dental professional must be able to physically perform CPR.

Proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and comprehending the English language. The applicant must be able to demonstrate their ability to read the English language during the registration process in order to be accepted into the program, as students have homework reading assignments for this course.

Requested proof of Hepatitis B vaccination 3 dose series. This vaccination record can be obtained from most students high school when requesting a transcript to be sent to Dental Assisting Technologies or a their physicians records. Others can obtain the series from your local health department. This is not a requirement, but a vaccine waiver may need to be signed for personal or health reasons. This waiver releases the school from any incidents that may occur related to the potential or unknown exposure to Hepatitis B.

How to obtain a transcript:

Dental Assisting Technologies does not accept transcripts sent by fax. The student should contact their school’s guidance department to request an official transcript. If a GED program or its equivalent was completed, the student can contact the Regulation Office of Education for the schools county by mail or fax to request an official transcript.


Dental Assisting Technologies does NOT guarantee job placement. We will seek job opportunities and attempt to keep students informed as they arise. It is our hope that the required Job shadowing experiences may help individuals to find unsolicited job openings as a result. However, this is not an expectation.

This institution is not accredited with the U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting body.

This is a Vocational School that teaches Dental Assisting according to the Rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional regulations.

Application Information:

Once you fill out the application you will be contacted for a registration appointment.  Registration appointments start January 1st for Spring semester and July 1st for Fall semester.  The $150.00 registration fee will be due at that appointment.  Cash,Check or Money Order will be accepted.

Application for Admission

Which Enrollment Period are you interested in?

Do You Currently Work at a Dental Facility?

Do you have a High School Diploma, GED or equivalent?

Do you require financial aid?

Do you feel that you would qualify for any local or state assistance?