Federal Funding assistance (FAFSA) is NOT applicable to a 96 clock hour program.


Dental Assisting Technologies does NOT offer financial assistance

These payment plan options are an attempt to make costs more manageable

Option 1
Registration fee of $150 paid at registration appointment.
Entire balance paid at class #1, $3850.00

Option 2
2 Payments. Half of the remaining balance, $1925 paid at Class #1
The second half, $1925 paid at Class #9 or before.

Option 3
Half of the remaining balance $1925 paid at Class #1
The second half, $1925 can be broken down into Bi-weekly payments of $481 .25. These payments would be due at Class #3, #5, #7, and #9. Fees must be paid off by Class #9.

Option 4

Half of the remaining balance $1925 at Class #1
The second half of $1925, can be broken down into weekly payments of $240.62. These payments would be made at the beginning of class each week of the class session & Payed off by Class #9.


All Remaining tuition MUST be paid by week #9. If the student has not completed payment by class #9 or if specific arrangements have not been agreed to, in writing by the administration of the school by class #9, the student would be unable to attend the remaining class session.

*Those students not paid in Full will not be allowed to take mandatory Testing held at Class #11 & 12

Unpaid tuition and fees will be subject to being reported to an outside collection service.

Resources Available For Financial Assistance

Lending Institutions:

Most banks that offer educational loans only offer funding for programs of 320+ clock hours.  Some Credit Unions offer Educational/ Computer loans that would apply to a short term vocational program, like this one.

RIA Credit Union, Silvis
Please ask to speak to a manager at this location to make an appointment or seek Pre-approval over the phone.  RIA offers a 3 year loan to students enrolled at Dental Assisting Technologies. These students must qualify or obtain a Co-signer to do so.  It offers the 3 year loan at a 6.25% interest rate, making monthly payments approx. $100 per month.  After registering, we can provide additional paperwork required to obtain this loan

The Family Credit Union

Private or Signature Loans
Silvis / Davenport
Dave – Silvis branch Mgr – 309-796-9600

Local or State Programs that offer Financial Assistance to those that Qualify:

These programs require time to process necessary paperwork. Spring Applicants should make contact In January to be considered for the Spring session & July to be considered for Fall Session. Tardy or Missed appointments can disqualify a candidate for assistance with these institutions.

Iowa @ Works – Promise Jobs
For Iowa residents that have worked in the State of Iowa.
Household income based Adult Program, Youth Program, Dislocated Worker Program

Scott County
902 W Kimberly Rd, Suite 51, Davenport , IA

Clinton/ Muscatine County
152 Colorado Street , Muscatine, IA

Illinois Work Force & Promise Jobs
For Illinois Residents that have worked in the State of Illinois
Household income based Adult Program, Youth Program, Dislocated Worker Program.


Whiteside County
315 B 1st Avenue , Sterling, IL

B. E. S. T. attn: Matt Ginngrich
Counties: Whiteside, Bureau Carroll, Jo Daviess and LaSalle
2323 E. Lincoln Way, Sterling , IL.

Department of Human Services – Rehabilitation Services
Rock Island, IL. – 309-786-5831
Clinton, IA- 563242-7914
Peoria, IL – 309-671-8733


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