Dental Assisting Technologies Veterans Addendum to the Course Catalog Established 8/2017

Purpose of a Veteran’s Addendum

The program at Dental Assisting Technologies is approved for Federal Veteran’s .Educational benefits in Illinois. This approval is required by federal laws & regulations that veterans be fully informed of the Schools policies & practices in order that they can successfully complete the program of education they pursue. Included in this Addendum is important information pertaining to Dental Assisting Technologies and it’s policies, including program descriptions and requirements, grading, attendance, satisfactory academic progress policy, evaluation time frames, entrance requirements, credit for previous education and training, refund policy, reinstatement, student records and veterans complaints. This Veteran’s Addendum DOES NOT REPLACE, but supplements Dental Assisting Technologies Program Catalog. Conflicts between the Veterans Addendum and the catalog should be reported to the school.

The Following Program is Approved for Veterans Benefits

Dental Assisting 96 Clock Hours

12 consecutive Saturday classes. Each class is 8 hours in length.

There is a l hour lunch. Classes begin at 8am & Finish at 5pm.

Entrance Requirements

Any student wishing to enroll at Dental Assisting Technologies must be 17 years of age, be physically able to perform CPR requirements needed for certification by the American Heart Association and have a high school diploma or its equivalent. A transcript must be provided to the school. This module is taught ONLYin English.T he student must be able to understand and read the English language. The student will be required to complete reading assignments at home & therefore will be required to demonstrate the ability to read and write at registration.

Credit for Previous Education and Training

Credit for work experience may be granted & is at the discretion of Dental Assisting Technologies. This credit could potentially excuse the student from being required to attend the 2 required job shadow assignments .

 Grade Scale

Grading is received with hands on testing & written testing. Attendance & participation also play part in the grading. The grading scale is based on a 1000 point cumulative system . Dental Assisting Technologies uses an accumulated grading scale. Each student begins the session with 0 points & has the ability to add points to their score thru attendance , participation , completion of tasks, quizzes and exams . The tasks, quizzes & exams have different point values. Each student has the ability to earn up to 1000 points by the completion of the program. A score of 700 is required to complete the program (70%) successfully .

1000 to 925 A
924 to 850 B
849to 777 C
776 to 700 D
699 or below Fail

*Note Students that have failed the exam will have one chance to retake a revised Final Exam to get passing grade. Students that fail the exam twice will be given one opportunity to retake Instruction for the failed component of Final Hands on Testing. Exam with an instructor in a one on one format beforbeing given the opportunity of retaking the Final Hands on Testing Exam a second time.

Veteran’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Veterans must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress in order to continue train ing at the school. To maintain satisfactory academic progress, veterans must complete the module with at least 70% grade {700 points) , complete the module with in the specified time period for the program , and maintain at least an 80% attendance rate for the module. Failure to achieve these requirements in the module will result in a veteran failing the module and being placed on probation .

Veterans on probation will be required to retake the module that they have failed. Veterans on probation can receive federal veterans educational benefits for this module that they are required to retake. Veterans that fail to successfully complete the module for which they are required to take while on probation will be dismissed from Dental Assisting Technologies.


Students dismissed for falling to meet satisfactory academic progress policy can petition the school for reinstatement one year after being dismissed. Reinstatement decisions will be made on an individuabasis by a Dental Assisting Technologies advisor and will take into consideration whether the student has the desire and capability to successfully complete the program . Veterans dismissed for conduct will not be considered for reinstatement.


Veterans must maintain an 80% attendance rate for the module. Dental Assisting Technologies requires attendance of classes 11 & 12 (hands on Testing portion of the module). Successful completion of the module requires a student to attend all sections of covered study. No absences will be excused without prior written request from the student and instructor approval or A written health document acquired for a medical emergency . Unexcused and excused absences are both considered absences In determining the attendance rate

Refund Policy

All tuition is subject to the following pro-rate refund policy;
The total of the Program is $4000

The registration fee of $150 received is non- refundable after 5 days of registration. It will be retained by the school unless written notice of cancellation is received with S business days of registration date. This fee holds the students spot in the upcoming class & allows the school to order a uniforms & books that ate included in the program, before the classes begin.

The remainder $3850 is subject to the following pro-rate refund policy; Formula$3850 divided by 12 class sessions in the moduleEach class$328.83 is the portion of tuition and instructional charges which school may retain for each class in the module.

Upon written notice of cancellation the student will be responsible for the cumulating classes made to the date of receiving the veteran’s written notice of withdrawal.

Graduation Requirements

A student will graduate upon successful completion that requires a passing grade of 70% (700 points) in the module of study. A passing grade on the hands on portion of the module of study, An 80% attendance rate in the module of study, attendance for Classes 11 & 12 and completions of the module of study within the specified period of time for the program. Upon successful completion of the program, a student will receive a certificate of completion from the Dental Assisting Technologies school.

Students Records

Students records and transcripts are maintained by Dental Assisting Technologies and are available to the students by calling or writing the school.

Dental Assisting Technologies, School of Dental Assisting 3000 41ST street, Moline, IL 61265


*Note: The student has access to progress records upon request of the School Officials. These progress notes remain on premises in a secured area for the privacy of the student.

Governing Body & School Officials

Sherri Mikles – Co- Owner, Registrar, Instructor

Janean Brown – Co-Owner, Registrar, Instructor

Certificate to Operate by the Illinois Board of Higher Education

Veterans Complaints

Veterans who have complaints about the quality of training or administration of veterans’ benefit provided by Dental Assisting Technologies are encouraged to share their concerns with DentaAssisting Technologies school officials. Veterans can also contact the Illinois State Approving Agency for Veterans Benefits at 312-8142460.


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